Sunday, November 25, 2007



At any given point 10% of the parked cars on Valencia, Mission & Capp have people sitting in them. 

2:00 AM

Walking N on Mission from 17th to 16th, on W side, decide I need to be the unknown bodyguard for 3 20ish-30ish girls. In the next 100 yards they could become prostitutes if they're not careful. 

Our culture is so safe.

The mix of spillout crowds from Esta Noche and Skylark is one of the most interesting things I've ever been privileged to witness. 

I wish I could fully describe the mob on 16th St. right now. 

Fuck is Monk's Kettle? Something fancy.

Heading S on Valencia - some dude huddled up in a vestibule growled at me. 

These people are so hungry for each other.

I wish I brought my beer.

18th & Valencia - I think it's a full moon. In any case it's right up above us, like a big ol' hole punched through a dark blue cloak, as we hide our deeds from the light. 

The loud drunk girls across the street are called Ella, Shauna and I'll Know In A Minute. 

Mission between 20th-21st - Tower Theater still for sale. Last time I called it was under $3mil.

Last chance for a bacon wrapped hot dog, but I ate half a chicken about 2 hours ago. 

9 People are in line outside La AlteƱa, haven't they heard of Cancun?

Three white dudes just stopped me in the middle of the street to help them find pizza, but they didn't seem to know where they were. 

I'm done for tonight.